Friday, 18 July 2014

Working Comedy Into a Book

Writing comedy is not always easy, just because I find something funny doesn't mean that everyone else will. Then it has to fit into the book matching the plot and being relevant to the characters. Cuthbert is a man so irrelevant to life that his reflection doesn't always show up in time for a shave. Percy has invented a role for himself as a 'Gardener, man and boy' and if ever asked an embarrassing question about his whereabouts answers "Gardening." Ronald, one of the many visitors to the valley who simply forgot to leave was a mercenary who never seemed to run out of paper targets but was always sending for new assistants. His brother Henry had been a war correspondent responsible for many scoops, mostly because his brother had either seen the incident, been part of the incident or actually caused the incident. But of course you still haven't met the valley mafia or the other residents of the valley yet have you?

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