Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life with the redhead

So, there I am reading quietly when the redhead enters the room, "Where would I find a shoulder bag with a strap long enough to cross my body and leave my hands free?" she asked. Without taking my eyes from my book I replied "The shop at the top of the street darling." I could hear the cranial cogs whirring before I was asked "Which shop at the top of the street?" Pausing for dramatic effect I eventually replied "The Newsagent." Silence filled the room for a while before being broken by "Why on earth would a newsagent have a shoulder bag with a long strap?" I smirked and said "So they can deliver the papers." Then I realised she was blocking the door, ooops! 

Thorstruck Press.

My new publisher is Thorstruck Press. Now, I'm always interested in the origins of a name so I have concluded that it stands for,
The Home Of  Really Super Talent  Under Construction..(whoever put that K on the end did it just to spite me! grrrr).

Simon and Garfunkel revisited.

An engineer was building an overhead bridge when a policeman stopped him and said "You seem troubled Mr Waters."