Friday, 22 August 2014

Aunt Liza

Aunt Liza is a beautiful redhead who uses a mobility scooter the way anyone else would use a panzer mk 1V. She has come to the valley to develop a cinema complex (Or as Cuthbert would have it 'electric people') and leaves with a 'valley complex'. The chaos inbetween her arriving and leaving is the basis for Cuthbert How Mean is my Valley.


Percy is a gardener. Everyone knows he is because he tells them he is at every opportunity. His college course had been quite fragmented because he spent it listening outside the classroom window and the lecturer had an unfortunate habit of pacing up and down so Percy only heard the bits when he passed an open window. On cold days when the windows were closed Percy didn't get any work done at all but even so, he is renowned for his dahlia vines and thistle beds.