Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oprah Interview.

My interview with Oprah went really well.
What? it's my inflatable doll, I can call it whatever I want.
Food? bit of a bookworm me. Chew the way 

through the pages before I tackle the cheesey 

covers and the crunchy spine. Sometimes I 

pick a saucy one for a change
To show how trendy I am there will be 

emoticons on my tombstone and 

archaeologists of the future will 

devise whole new university grants dedicated 

to the investigation of this unknown religion 

and its 

strange hieroglylphs referring to a supreme 

being known as R. Edhead.


Just checking that we are up and running again. The redhead in her ULTIMATE wisdom decided to create a separate google plus account and yep - you guessed, it went wrong! So - here goes to check if all is ok on here.

The redhead now has her hands tied behind her back!