Friday, 1 August 2014

Custer's Mistake.

You would have thought that the U.S. cavalry would have avoided a battle called 'Custer's last stand' wouldn't you?
Especially against a redhead named Sue Nation.

My Review for Bill Kirton's Sparrow Conundrum.

Writing comedy is not as easy as some may think but Bill Kirton keeps up both the pace and the 

tension with his take on 'disorganised crime.' The confusion caused by coded messages and over-

populated meeting places and everyone having an alias of a bird's name is well done and comes 

nicely to a head as all the characters meet for the grand finale. Well worth a read, 'Spoof crime' 

at its best.

The Great Outdoors

I think I'm becoming an outdoorsman. The sun and wind across my bald spot, the scrape of fresh air in the lungs and the splat of something on my shoulder. Oh all right, the redhead's locked me out again. Happy?