Saturday, 30 August 2014

Wind Turbine.

I had to yell at the local kids for climbing the wind turbine and hanging my shirts from the blades. "But mister" they said "the redhead told us it was a rotary drier."


If cows produce methane, is that what a wind-

farm is?

5-star Review for Shakespeare's Cuthbert.

As a previous reviewer has observed, Patrick Barrett writes like Tom Sharpe “without the bad 
language”. Personally, I’d be happy to write like Tom Sharpe using any kind of language, and I 
fully endorse that reviewer’s opinion. This is a refreshingly clean farce, combining all those 
essential ingredients: a plot told at breakneck speed, a myriad of highly improbable situations, a 
motley cast of engaging characters, and a huge sigh of relief when the curtain comes down.

Thoroughly recommended. This is the most pleasurable read I’ve had in ages. And just look at all 

those 4- and 5-star reviews!