Monday, 21 July 2014

This is my Amazon review for Jabin by Bev Allen.   5-stars.

I have always been an avid reader but 'Young adult' was something I read with my children. I find my perceptions challenged with this book because Bev Allen proves that there is a fine line between young adult and thoroughly engrossed adult. The futuristic vision here is so authentic, religion has moved into space to recreate the Boer treks and the early American settlers in their ambitions for religious freedoms whether right or wrong and of course politics are created to give the work-shy something to do. Amongst all this incredibly authentic scenario is Jabin, brilliantly summed up in other people's opinion as " Being better off somewhere else" and shunted off to another distant relative even though he can never understand what he did wrong. This is authentic to a fault. A great character is introduced when we reach an underground installation where Hoodle is charged with firing up the boilers which, in his isolation he has given characteristics of their own. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it may as well have a velcro cannot put it down.

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